The Hudson River is home to all kinds of marine life, but did you know that an increasing population of seals are traveling up and down the river?

Over the years the Hudson has seen an increase in lots of different wildlife because water quality has dramatically improved. Yes, there still is much to do in regards to the PCB cleanup, but most would agree that the river is in much better shape than it was back in the days before Pete Seeger took up it's cause.

There aren't a large number of seals in the Hudson, but there are seals living in it. Someone was telling me that there were seals in the river and I said: "Yeah, maybe down near New York Harbor, but not up here in Poughkeepsie." According to the DEC, people do see them in the river and often think there is something wrong.

Present all year round, they are never plentiful, but easiest to see when their dark bodies contrast sharply against an ice flow. Young harp seals have also been showing up in recent years. Often people suspect these seals of being injured or even dead - strangely enough, that stiff "banana" posture is how seals often rest.

I have read that people often see them near Troy and the only way they could get there is to swim up from New York City. Check out video of this cute little guy who was hanging out in the river near Coxsackie a couple of summers ago.


NY Harbor Nature reports that this is the time of year that Harbor Seals migrate to New York Harbor for the winter and some of them do swim north. Have you ever seen a seal in the river? Let us know on our Facebook page.