Everyone remembers one of the greatest love stories of the 1980s: Dirty Dancing. Everyone remembers how Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze's characters end up together.

The movie was released 30 years ago, and it was inspired by a resort in the Catskills of Sullivan County.

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On Saturday night there was a celebration of the anniversary of the movie near Grossinger's, the resort that inspired Dirty Dancing.

The Hurleyville Arts Center in Sullivan County had a Dirty Dancing themed Saturday. Events included a fashion show set to the film’s soundtrack, then a talk by a former dance instruction named Jackie Horner who worked at Grossinger’s. (Grossinger’s is now abandoned.)

The night ended with a showing of the movie. The Bergstein Family, on whom some of the characters were based, did vacation at Grossinger’s during the 1950s. Horner was the dance instructor there during that time, and many of his experiences were part of the Dirty Dancing film.