One of the most scenic drives in New York State is Route 218 between Cornwall and West Point. It is also a road that probably would never get built today.

I hadn't been on 218 in a few years because this stretch of road often closes because of rock slide hazards or extremely icy conditions. I just took a ride this past weekend and there was lots of wear and tear on the pavement. It's one of the few places you can drive a car that feels like you're hanging right off the side of a mountain. According to The Countrys Best website, construction of the road was approved in 1916 and it was an insane project.

Machinery had to be hauled all the way up Mountain Road and then lowered down the mountain side through thick woods. Cement was carried up the mountain to the work site on the backs of mules.

One of the scary things about this road is that Storm King Mountain hangs above it, looking as if it could drop down on top of you at any moment. It's also part of the thrill of being on such a unique stretch of road. This is a great motorcycle ride and there is a small spot to pull off and take in the jaw dropping view of the Hudson River.


If you haven't been on Route 218 between Cornwall and West Point in a while, it's time to take a joy ride. The weather is supposed to be nice this week, so the window of opportunity is wide open. The question is, do you feel safe on the side of Storm King Mountain?

If you have never been on it, make the trip soon. I have a feeling that someday this great road will just age out and it might just be closed for good. They don't and won't make roads like this anymore.