The are affectionately know as "Rolly-pollies", but if you have Pillbugs in your house you might have to do some things before the weather turns colder.

It was a cooler and wetter summer than normal here in the valley and you might be seeing some pillbugs in your house. We have seen a number of them here at the radio station and one got in the studio a few weeks ago.


That little buggar seems very cute and Pillbugs are pretty harmless, but there are a few things you should know about them.  According to Orkin, they really aren't bugs.

Sowbugs or pillbugs (rolly pollys) are not actually insects. They are related to crayfish.

They thrive on moist conditions, so most pillbugs can be found in wet, rotten wood. I am not saying that this is the case with your homes frame, but you may have some mulch around the house that is extra soggy.  Maybe it's a woodpile that has been sitting in the yard for a long time and is starting to decay? Pillbugs love that environment and they will make their way into your home. Unfortunately, this is what usually kills them because it is too dry in your house.

The colder weather is coming, so clear the wet mulch away from your home and clean up those wet leaves when they start falling in the yard. Pillbugs can't really do any serious harm to your house, but if they are inside you do need to take care of those wet areas around your home before they become a bigger issue.

Rolly-Pollies are interesting and bizarre little animals. There are lots of fun facts about them.  According to ThoughtCo, they don't urinate. They turn bright blue when they are really sick and their diet is not very appealing.

Each time a pillbug poops, it loses a little copper, an essential element it needs to live. In order to recycle this precious resource, the pillbug will consume its own poop, a practice known as coprophagy.

So there you have it, more than you ever really wanted to know about the cute Pillbug. I am not sure of the correct spelling of Rolly Polly, because everywhere I looked it was spelled differently.  Anyway, let's all enjoy that children's song about them.


That's not the one my kids used to sing, but it will have to do.