A number of years ago, when letting my boss at the time know why I was requesting a couple of days off (my yearly trip to take in a couple of Pirate’s games against the Mets) he looked at me and said “you’re one of those guys who still takes his glove to the ballgame aren’t you?”

I looked back at him, now wearing a third head, and thought to myself “Of course I do” I thought, “who doesn’t?”

Brian Garfinkel / Getty images

There is no greater prize than a ball that makes it your way at the ballpark…no greater prize. And there is no greater one mindedness than when it comes to trying to catch said prize. That may sound silly but do a quick google search of foul ball catches or for humor’s sake, fails.

How long do you think it is before this dad gets out of the doggie clubhouse?

Also on this note, even though I’m approaching a big milestone in years that has a 5 in it, and not at the end, I’m forever disappointed at the Pirate home run ball I missed by mere inches a number of years ago in left field at Citi Field.

Look below for the only guy in a bright gold Pirate pullover. You can still smell the regret.