So, this week Mix 97-7 has the Box Office Window open again and for Lady Antebellum, Sunday, June 1st at Bethel Woods.

Trying to come up with fun ways to give away the tickets Bolger threw out some ideas like having you all call with 3 things that rhymed with Antebellum. All we could come up with ourselves though was 'Melon' and 'Broccoli' so that idea stopped there.

Another thought was to ask you which was the correct next line from Lady A's "Need You Now."

Like: "It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and..."

A: "...I need you now."  B: "...I'm tipping a cow." or C: " pants just said 'wow',"

or maybe: "Guess I'd rather hurt than...."

A: "...feel like my feet are small."  B: "...feel nothing at all."  C: "...have to go with you to the shoe store again or endure dinner with your friend Helen and her bore of a husband...and all."

But coming up with one of these every day seemed like it would be far too much work, heck you listen to us, so we opted to go with a third idea. "Dude Looks Like a Lady Antebellum."

Send a guy out somewhere live dressed as a 'Lady' everyday and have you go to him with the first to arrive winning the tickets. This had promise. Then Mark had the idea that it should be me. Promise fading, plus I didn't want anyone to know my Saturday night secrets. "How about a couple of the interns?" we thought next. Promise restored. We then informed Dylan and Mike of the fantastic news. Dylan looks quite fetching here huh?

Mike Fraatz

So for the rest of the week you need to listen with Mark in the morning because around 8am Mike from promotions and one of the interns are going to call and let Mark and you know where they are. Then it's up to you to get there.

Good Luck all!!