If you like the food selection you get at your local Hudson Valley Dunkin Donuts location, get it before its all gone. A report by WNBC in New York says that Dunkin’ Donuts is scaling back their food and drink menu by about ten percent. The goal is to streamline their service effects.

The Hudson Valley won’t see the changes in the menu until about mid-March. Starting Monday, (January 8, 2018) New England Dunkins begin rolling out the scaled down menu, according to The Boston Herald.

What made the cut? Less popular items or ones that are more time-consuming to make. Smoothies, top that list, including the strawberry banana smoothie. Also, afternoon sandwiches and a number of breakfast sandwiches, including steak and egg sandwich.
Dunkin Donuts had already announced that has removed artificial dyes from all donuts made in the United States. The company says, they plan to continue that effort and remove all artificial dyes from the rest of their food and beverages by the end of the year.