Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro has been touted as an attractive Republican candidate for Governor, but for now he's staying put.

The news of Molinaro not taking a run at the Governor's seat comes as a bit of a surprise. He has spent lots of time traveling around New York State to see if there would be support for him. Back in September, he indicated that he was thinking seriously about running. Molinaro has had strong opinions about what's wrong in Albany for a long time. He would know because he spent 5 years in the Assembly.


So why has our County Executive decided not to run for Governor? It seems like Cuomo is going to go for a Presidential bid in 2020. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that Marcus wants to continue the important work here in Dutchess County and travel the state, continuing his platform of support for those with disabilities. It also just didn't seem like the timing was right for him.

"While I believe that state government can be a servant of the people when run well and with integrity, it's just not the right time for me to seek the governorship."

Molinaro is only 42 and he has a young family. It would be surprising if he never went for the Governor's seat and he promises to support the Republican nominee in the election. There will be plenty of time for higher office in the future.