A local non-profit farm in Dutchess County struggling to keep operating has been saved by a local college.

Sprout Creek Farm, which is a non-profit working farm and education center, has transferred control of its operations to Marist College. The farm will continue as an independent non-profit.

The board of directors said in the press release that they approached the college and were interested in integrating the farm into it. The farm will continue their current educational programs and agricultural operations. Marist plans to invest in the facilities of the farm and then develop educational programs to weave into the Marist academic plan. They like the idea of a “living classroom.”

Sprout Creek Farm was founded in 1982 and is a working farm and education center. The farm is a 200-acre farm, that produces award-winning cheese, raises a number of different farm animals. An independent board has been running the farm since 2012.