Boris from WPDH mornings wrote a great blog post recently offering a fun list of all things only Hudson Valleyites would know. Well one of the Hudson Valley phenomenon's that was, of course, on the list was Eggbert that strangely charming and somewhat weird Christmas egg at Devitt's Nursery in New Windsor that knows your name as it starts a conversation.

Well Eggbert of Orange County New York meet Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III of Orange County...California, a fella who filled that gap when you weren't around. If you've been singing along with Avicii's "Wake Me Up" while listening to Mix 97-7 well you've been singing along with that latter Egbert better known as Aloe Blacc the singer and musician who does the vocals on that hit tune.

Hell, that song might even have been on while you were driving to Devitt's in New Windsor to take the youngin's to Christmas on the Farm which, of course, comes with a meeting with that big talking, crown wearing Eggbert.

And now as you walk away from the meet you might even think that "Wake Me Up" could certainly take on another meaning.