You know it’s almost a “eureka” moment when you come across something like this…a burrito vending machine called the Buritto Box!

Now I’m sure the folks that were using the first vending machine to get holy water for a coin, paying for grace and an absolution assist has always been style, never imagined the heavenly inevitability of their change earning them a hot burrito with guacamole and sour cream instead and if they had?...the world might not exist as we now know it and might instead be advanced so far beyond our imagination that the best of the sci-fi universe would be hard pressed to envision it.


Alas that utopian evolution did not occur as the next vending machines dispensed cigarettes but at least within our less grand advancement, improving vending machines has been never ending to the point where some of the current unmanned oasis’s of convenience are pretty far forward, in fact way beyond just sated thirst and/or blissful indigestion. One simple Google search will show everything from caviar to fresh bread to live lobsters to mashed potatoes to smart cars (seriously). And, with every advancement, there is always someone who says “Well if it can dispense gum, post cards and soda why can’t it also dispense porn?” This inevitability in the evolution process of any product usually takes about 5 seconds.

That being said my quick search made me hungry, tired, squeamish, thirsty, gave my sweet tooth a nudge and in some cases left me knowing that I might have to sleep with lights on tonight.

As to the Buritto Box? I already made room for it in the kitchen here between the candy machine and the soda machine, next to the water cooler, in front of the garbage can, to the left of the latte maker and just a few feet away from the fridge in case an extra soda gets spit out that I’ll guiltily want to pay for the next time the ‘guy’ comes…oh, c’mon, you would say “want to” as well if you said it all!