Driving over the Mid-Hudson this morning I noted, with fascination and fear as I always do, the Hudson River being a good deal frozen courtesy of the winter so far. It's always amazed me to see something so large and imposing beaten and halted (at least on the surface) for a short time. It also frightens me because the image, even though there is a serenity to it, is still so daunting.

Growing up one my brother and I's favorite things in the winter time was to go to the pond down the street on Bullet Hole Road in Mahopac, if it had frozen up, and play one on one tackle football. We loved the stupidity of tackling on the ice, the silliness of the lack of footing and the competition that existed with both but I also remember how scared I was at the same time. Though we were taming the pond's water for a moment I knew just underneath the surface the pond waited for one mistake.Thankfully that never happened in our case but the fascinating fear is still in here.

With those thoughts in mind I then came across some older pics this morning from a link at Buzzfeed of what Niagara Falls looks like when it freezes up like it apparently did last night. Talk about Mother Nature putting a hand up huh?