State Police are on the lookout for a couple of guys who passed phony money at the Dunkin Donuts in Pleasant Valley.

The Dunkin on Main Street/Route 44 in Pleasant Valley is one of the busiest in Dutchess County. Someone trying to use counterfeit money would probably go someplace with lots of traffic, just because workers are less likely to want to slow the line down to check money. However, in this video the suspect looks like he didn't have anyone around him.


State Police are asking the public for help in catching two men who allegedly used the fake money. According to the Daily Voice, the men came in at different times. It's weird that they used big bills because those get checked. However, today's counterfeit is pretty hard to detect because of high tech printers.

In the first video, an African American suspect can be seen in a blue jacket and white shirt. He has black hair and brown eyes. In the second, an African American suspect is seen sporting a red and white sweater with dark pants before making his order.

If you recognize the guy in the video or have inside information about this crime, contact the State Police at Troop K Headquarters (845) 677-7300.