Saturday afternoon firefighters were called to Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital in Poughkeepsie after an automatic fire alert went off.   The Fairview Fire District was dispatched around 12:19pm.   Dutchess County 911 gave firefighters an update while enroute to the hospital, that there was smoke being reported inside the hospital.   According to Fire Chief Christopher Maeder, they requested additional equipment be brought to the scene based on that information.

Angela Waye

Once crews were on the scene, they found smoke in the common area of the building of the Cooke wing on multiple floors.   Firefighters determined the smoke was coming from a common chase inside the hospital.  There were able to put the fire out.   The department checked the air quality and determined there were no dangerous gases or odors at any point during or after the smoke incident.  There was minimum damage to Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital, and no patients were forced to relocate.  No injuries were reported.  The all clear sign was given at 2:02pm.