One of my earliest memories involves my parent's taking me to a July 4th fireworks display and crying so hard they had to leave and I've hated them ever since.  It's everything about the fireworks that scare me beginning with the giant BOOM! Then it's the multi-colored balls of fire that shoot in the air and rain hot embers down on me and the dry, flammable rooftops and foliage. Then, (as if that isn't more than enough) there is the dense smoke from the fire bombs that choke me. Basically fireworks assault me and my senses and I just hate them!

And I don't understand the symbolism. Why do we use bombs to signify a celebration. Maybe I get the symbolism of colored bombs on July 4th but how about for weddings, and New Year's Eve and every single night at Disney World...seriously?

So this July 4th, you'll find me inside with the air conditioner on high to mask the noise, under the bed, holding my terrified cat until it's over.

Happy 4th of July!!!