There's a camera everywhere these days.   Robert Weber was flying his single-engine plane near Fort Meyers, Florida over the weekend when a bird smashed right through his windshield!  This guy is a cool customer and was able to land the plane without a problem.  The bird hit a 170mph and sent glass everywhere.  If you have ever hit anything in your car imagine what it's like to have this happen a couple thousand feet in the air.  Freebird!  Not so much.


Have you ever had something hit your windshield while driving?  Here's what a few of my Facebook friends said.

Lorraine Rutherford A rock once, as I crossed the bridge.....but I do remember a monkey having a little personal party on my windshield once at Six Flags. ha!
Allianne Herald I had a turkey come through my windshield on the Thursday. $2500 damage
Dj Corsino A bird on the taconic in my old bug! Scared the .... Well you know what out of me! No damage luckily.
Kathy Curtin Yea saw that had a bird hit my windshield once but not like that
Betsy Mead-Butts I had a dodge caravan, driving on rt 22 a square haybail flew off a guys truck, he was going in the opposite direction smashed my windshield n messed up front end pretty bad
Greg Draiss Rainy day southbound on Thruway.....doing 60. Turkey decides it is going to go northbound in my southbound lane......feathers in the back seat , glass and blood in my face.