If you have a young child involved in organized sports, you know it can be a great way for them to learn about teamwork,sportsmanship,winning,losing and self discipline.  Where it goes wrong is with shows like Friday Night Tykes.

Just when you thought Reality TV couldn't get any lower, here comes this show.  It absolutely shows what happens when grown ups, who haven't grown up yet start coaching our youth.




Why do these idiots get a TV show?  Is America's obsession with football that big that we have to air crap like this?  Yeah, there are some tender moments on the show where the coaches do show some class, but that is just a way to give them a pass for bad behavior.

There are lots of great youth sports programs here in the Hudson Valley.  The Hudson Valley Admirals Youth football league is one of them.  Support them, but don't support Friday Night Tykes.