That time is back, the time that we all dread to our core. It is the time to jump to quiet every time you hear a knock on the door. The time that forces you to look away in shame when you pass the 'sign up' sheet on the bulletin board at work and to even outright ignore anyone you know who has children, especially young girls.

So what is this time we fear so deeply that we are forced to hide away?

It's the shakedown....the harassment by cute little thugs in brown uniforms with sashes forcing us to pay their dirty protection money lest we be overtaken by the all so common and frightening fear of....cravings!....for Girl Scout Cookies.

And this goes hand in hand with the fear of actually having to choose from the over 336 hundred it seems, choices (or 12) of cookies. I for one hope to avoid the these tiny cookie bosses and their parental cronies with stories of bankruptcy, puppy sickness, medical bills, needy extended family, sad kittens, car troubles and anything else that might frighten them away with a tear and fear of the future.

I also just don't answer the door...anymore...after ordering $24 worth from the really nice kid of the woman who lives next to my mom.

My choices, however pained, usually involve peanut butter or mint to serve the masters in my house (my Maria and the JG). For you it might be more difficult...hell, 12 is a huge number to choose from so I found something that may help.

Here's a test I from Buzzfeed to help you decipher just what kind of cookie you might be if that will help make the choice easier. I was a "Thanks-A-Lot". Thanks a lot. Sigh.