New Train video for "Angel in Blue Jeans" stars Danny Trejo, Hannah Simone and, of course, Pat Monahan and the band...

...with the new record, Bulletproof Picasso, coming out on September 16th. Here's the track listing...

"Cadillac, Cadillac"
"Bulletproof Picasso"
"Angel in Blue Jeans"
"Give It All"
"Wonder What You're Doing for the Rest of Your Life"
"Son of a Prison Guard"
"Just a Memory"
"I'm Drinkin' Tonight"
"I Will Remember"
"The Bridge"
"Baby, Happy Birthday"
"Don't Grow Up So Fast"

Adam Levine wants to branch out with acting and and talks in New Yorker about how he doesn't want people to think that he can only 'play' musicians, if you need to pick yourself up a bit and improve the mood a Harvard Study has determined what foods are best suited for it, Australian 3 month long tweet study produces list of top acronyms and on top of a Chipotle Restaurant? Whatever floats your boat I guess....all the way to arrest.