Harry Potter went as Spider Man to Comic-Con as Danielle Radcliffe wanted to be able to enjoy the day without being mobbed, Sharknado 2: The Second One gets plenty of twitter attention...

Luke Bryan - "Can't believe we are watching #Sharknado2"

Marlee Matlin - "OMG #Sharknado2TheSecondOne There are just no words..not even SIGNS. LOL"

Judah Friedlander - "Thank you @SharknadoSyfy the Academy just texted me. Just got a Best Supporting Actor nomination for 2015."

Will Wheaton - "If Tara Reid doesn't end this movie with a chainsaw for a hand, I don't even know why we got out of bed today." [Spoiler alert, she does]

Sam Roberts (Radio producer) "The saw hand counts as Tara Reid's first successful cosmetic surgery."

Richard Roeper ‏- "Most unbelievable thing about this whole movie: Matt Lauer cutting to 'regularly scheduled programming' after slaying a shark on live TV."

Roger Corman - "The shark is a Jungian archetype. But not shark in a tornado. Jung has no idea what that means."

....but, sadly, it doesn't get a lot of positive response like this review here.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers are celebrating their new album on on Kimmel tonight and debuting some of the albums songs live, Jon Bon Jovi is rumored to be interested in buying the Buffalo Bills as part of a group that owns a couple of Toronto teams and this is making Bills fans pretty freakin' mad and if you are going to rob a bank you might want to make sure you are in good enough shape to make your getaway.