Katy Perry for the month of July will adorn the cover of every Cosmopolitan...every cover of Cosmpolitan on every issue in the world, Steve Perry gets on stage with the band Eels for his first live performance in 20 years, Billboard Boxscore has come out with the list of top 25 grossing artists/bands since 1990, in another list Forbes' rundown of the 'Most Powerful Women' is out and you're thinking about becoming a robber? Here is a helpful list of 'tips' with examples to get you started like:

- An improper mask and robbery target

- In robbbery circles the phrase 'This is a stick up' doesn't refer to an actual stick

- When attempting a robbery look to your recent past as a barometer of the chances of success of your new endeavor

And don't get violent as only about 4% of robberies turn that way...plus it's just not very nice.