Katy Perry teams up with tour sponsor, Staples, to aid charity that assists teachers at DonorsChoose.org. She has shot a PSA and Staples is pledging $1 Million. Bill Murray fan and owner of an ice cream shop figures out a way to meet Bill with a "Bill Murray Ice Cream Social", Joe Perry recently got together with Paul McCartney in a studio for a project they are keeping under wraps for the moment, there's an out of control research satellite buzzing through space filled with lizards having sex and some quick hits for idiots:

- Tara Reid thinks an actual 'Sharknado' is possible.

- If you're going to be drunk, drive, cause an accident and become really angry at least put your truck in park first.

- Two things to definitely not do when robbing a bank. 1, drive your own car and 2, wear a shirt with your name on it.