Maroon 5 is hitting us with a new single, "Maps", on the 16th and the new CD, "V", will be out in September, Justin Timberlake asked fans to share love stories for his single "Not a Bad Thing" and has now debuted it, Brad Pitt says crazed guy wasn't trying to hit him on the red carpet, he was just trying bury his face in his crotch.

Some quickies:

From the "You Can't Make This Crap Up" File: A guy stole a GPS, among other items, and called the cops when he got lost after leaving the break in.

Science says blondes aren't dumber.

And in an "of course they did" moment a family in Beeville, Texas, which is in Bee County got attacked by? guessed it. Bees, and a crapload of them.