I have never been accused of being overly "full" of holiday spirit when they roll around every year. Not that I'm a full blown Grinch but the season often brings with it the pressures of just what it can be and sometimes, like this year, it comes almost too fast. This seems to be a year where you have suddenly said to yourself "Holy Cow! It's Christmas already!"

Well, a big thanks go out to Kelly Clarkson for her wonderfull Christmas Special that aired last night. I found myself actually sitting down with the gang (and not instead jumping from the couch to some household task every 5 minutes to pay a bill, wash a dish, feed a furry, fold a sheet, pay another bill etc). No, we all sat down together, relaxed, sang along a bit and let some Christmas Spirit grab us courtesy of Kelly Clarkson and her fun, original and song/heart filled special.

What about you? Holiday Spirit grabbed you yet?

Here's a link to the Top 5 Moments from "Kelly Clarkson's Cutionary Christmas Music Tale."