Angelika Graswald was finally sentenced, two years after the death of her fiance Vincent Viafore. She was given the maximum sentence, but Viafore's family doesn't feel justice has been served.

The death of Vincent Viafore happened in April 2015 when he and Graswald went kayaking near Bannerman's Island. Graswald admitted to pulling the drain plug on his kayak, which may have led to him drowning in the frigid Hudson River that day. Her behavior after his death was bizarre, even posting a Facebook video of herself down by the river the day after he died. In the video she didn't seem like anything had happened.

CBS News reports that Graswald was sentenced in Orange County Court to 16 months to four years in state prison. She was also fined $5,000 for criminally negligent homicide. It has been reported that Graswald didn't attempt to help her drowning fiance on that April day and a $250,000 life insurance policy listing her as beneficiary could allegedly have been her motive.

Vincent Viafore's mother was in court for the sentencing and afterward she commented to the press that the sentence was not fair. Graswald has already served two years in prison and with that much time already served, she could be out of jail in a couple of months.