Halloween is here and with it comes just a tiny bit of suspense and mystery. Please be safe because when I was a kid, this was a night that was filled with danger.

I like the fact that Halloween seems to have gotten a lot safer for kids. Parents take precautions and most of the time, they are right out there with the children. Our parents never came along with us on Halloween night! They just sent us out into the dark, even if there were bullies in the neighborhood waiting to mug us and take our candy.

According to Readers Digest, there are some safety measures you should take to make sure the little ones have a great night.  Plan out where you are going to trick or treat ahead of time. We didn't do that. I lived in the Town of Fishkill and if we wound up walking to Saugerties that night, it was just what happened. You child's costume should also be reflective, so it can be seen by cars. Check a failing grade for that one too.  The only bright yellow thing we could see were Bobby Hillsdale's teeth. He was one of those kids who couldn't be bothered with brushing.

Long costumes that drag on the ground can be dangerous, especially at night. After purchasing your child’s costume, make sure it’s an appropriate length, and hem anything that’s too long to avoid tripping.

Our costumes never fit right and they were always dragging on the ground. It was part of our parents way of picking up more leaves, so they didn't have to rake them. I can remember one Halloween when my brother Carl's costume became a Halloween Nightmare that would haunt him to this day.  Watch the video to hear the story.