So as we prepared last week for a live broadcast with Kimberly Kay from the Walkway Over the Hudson for the hand shake world record attempt the conversation came up about me stopping by the event. I mentioned that I would prefer not to. Now this has nothing to do with the Walkway which is an absolutely fantastic attraction and a genuine point of pride here in the Valley.

No this is more about the fact that the Walkway is, well, a really long way from anywhere sane, like the ground or the water!

I've probably added 2 heads to at least a dozen or so people who have made the mistake of inviting me for something or other on the walkway or even just inquired if maybe I would be checking out whatever it is that happening that weekend.

And it's not just the walkway. Videos like the recent one of the travel blogger who climbed Brazil's "Christ the Redeemer" Statue to take a selfie or those of radio tower light changing/maintenance that will come out every now and then, all of them make my stomach start dancing just looking at 'em with one partially open eye. Like this one.

I even have trouble, sometimes, crossing the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge. I tend to stare at the license plate of the person ahead of me surely freaking them out if they look in their rear view and see a crazed set of eyes locked on their rear end.

I mentioned this to Anthony here in promotions. He had to head to Kingston the other day with Mike, also from promotions. He probably went this way on purpose. He hilarious.

I think I just fell off my keyboard a little...