Heavy showers and thunderstorms this morning are helping the plants on the radio station patio grow.

Our radio station patio reminds me of the family garden that we used to have when I was younger. My dad and I would start out with ambitions of planting all kinds of great vegetables and by mid-July, the plot was overrun with weeds.


This is getting to the point of using a machete or some serious chemicals to get rid of the "trees" growing on the Mix patio.

The Mid-Hudson Valley is famous for its gardens and agriculture in general. I searched the web for a local gardener who could tell me how to violently rid the patio of these pesky weeds. No luck.

Adams Fairacre Farms is always a great resource. They have an excellent landscaping team that at this point, we would be embarrassed to have come over here and take care of this mess. Greg Draiss, who is the garden center manager at Adam's Wappinger Falls store did an article about crab grass and weeds. We are not dealing with crabgrass, but you might have some of that happening on your lawn. He says stay away from using corn gluten during rainy periods.

During wet weather corn gluten is a natural slow-release nitrogen that feeds everything, including weeds. Think twice before using this so called miracle weed preventer.

There really is only one solution to the radio station weed problem. Get the gardening gloves and start pulling them out. Or we could both forget this ever happened and see if someone else does it.