Heroin overdoses and emergency response calls here in the valley are growing rapidly.  The drug is widely available and cheap.  It can cost as little as $5 a bag!  At that price a lot of people might be willing to give it a try.  I read that this is part of the Taliban's plan to destroy America.  Flood the U.S. with cheap, high grade heroin from Afganistan.  Looks like the plan is being fully implemented.   People of all ages are getting hooked.  Many started with prescription drugs for a legitimate medical condition and when their script ran out they moved on to Heroin.  Senator Chuck Schumer was here a couple of days ago to talk about Dutchess county being officially recognized as a "high intensity drug trafficking area". 


With our location - close to NYC and having I-84 and the NYS Thruway intersecting the heart of the valley, we are a drug runners dream come true.