You put important things in a safe to keep them safe, but what happens when someone just steals the whole safe? That's what happened at Town Hall in Highland Falls.

Two safes were lifted from the Town Hall this week, and the crime happened at some point between 7 PM Tuesday till 7 AM Wednesday. The Times Herald-Record reports that Supervisor Bob Livsey thinks the thief know lots about the layout in Town Hall.

“The location of the safe in my office was a really obscure area under my desk,” Livsey said. “You would have to know it was there to look for it.”

The Supervisor's safe only had personal items of no real value, but the other safe that was taken is that of the Town Clerk. It had important papers and a couple thousand dollars in it. Nothing else was taken from the building, and it looks like the break-in was done by removing a window air conditioner and climbing in.

No arrest has been made as of the time of this posting. Village and State Police are working on the case of the missing safes.

UPDATE - Mid Hudson News reports that 4 teenage boys have been arrested by Town of Highland Falls Police in connection with this case. 



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