The Honda Motor Company is recalling about 2.1 million vehicles, because of a risk of fire.  The problem lies in the battery sensors.  According to a report in Reuters, the recall would include 1.15 million Honda Accord vehicle.  Years include 2013 to 2016.  The company says that they need to replace a 12-volt battery sensor.

In the article, the company spokesperson says the company received four report of engine compartment fires in the United States. They found it accrues in areas that use significant amounts of road salt during the winter months.  The battery sensors, aren’t sealed enough to prevent the moisture from getting inside.  That leads to road salt, or other materials getting inside the sensor, leading the sensor to short out.

Because the recall is so large, they will use a temporary adhesive, then at a later point they will replace the sensor.  Honda has already introduced a redesigned sensor in June of 2016.