Maybe you heard Mark and I discussing my beloved cat Zena who died a couple of weeks ago. She had been a stray, but when Joe's daughter brought her home she knew she'd found her forever home...and she spent most of her 16 plus years with us, on our bed! Which is why I've been keeping her ashes on the bed since I got them.

That is Zena (well her ashes in a tin) on my pillow and that is Juliette, our cat, keeping guard ( actually, Juliette doesn't care at all about the ashes, she is just trying to nap) Mark thinks it's really weird that I keep Zena's ashes on my pillow during the day and next to me in bed at night..but that is how she slept when she was alive and honoring her memory this way brings me great comfort...yep, it probably is weird!

I am so glad you came into our life sweet Zena and I will continue to think of you and miss you and eventually I will move your ashes out of the bed...but for now, I can't let go.