You probably still have some leftovers from the big feast on Thursday. If you really want a great sandwich, make Ross' favorite from Friends. We made it and I must say, this is how you do a sandwich.

I know some people have a big problem with the word moist, but it is what this sandwich is called - it's the "Moist Maker." The reason this incredible leftover creation is so moist, it that the middle of it is mostly gravy. The Huffington Post wrote about it a couple of years ago and they explain why gravy is the key to the sandwich.

begin soaking one slice of bread in gravy. Make sure the slice is thoroughly coated and has time to absorb the liquid

The sandwich uses three slices of bread and it's not for you if you are doing the low carb thing. Check out my instructional video of how to make the "Moist Maker."  It's a simple and sloppy rerun of the Thanksgiving feast. Thanks to my daughter Simone who is coaching me from the sidelines.


I am not a fan of stuffing and it seems redundant to put it inside more bread, but I must admit it does add that Thanksgiving flare to this monster sized sandwich. Throw everything on it: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy and any other leftovers. I don't think Ross would really mind if you improvise a bit. Just don't take his "Moist Maker" out of the work fridge.