There is really no way to know if this is going to be a severely cold winter, but there is help if you are worried about paying to stay warm.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are available to help people pay for their heating bills this winter and the time to apply for that money is now. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that New York State has $327 Million to help New Yorkers pay for heat. This is federal money that's available if you meet certain income levels.

To qualify for heating assistance you need to meet certain income requirements. The maximum gross monthly income for a family of four to qualify for heating assistance is $4,457.

There really is no reason why people should have to choose between staying warm or buying other necessities like food. With HEAP ( Home Energy Assistance Program), you can receive up to $726 for heating costs. That is a big chunk to put toward the energy bill this winter.

We just had a couple of really cold days this weekend, so please take advantage of this program. The money is already allocated, so don't be shy about providing that extra comfort and security for you and your family this winter. To apply - click here.