As Hurricane Irma slams, down on the state of Florida, places like Tampa, did see the worse of this storm.  Many parts of the state of Florida are without power, especially have seeing hours and hours of wind and rain.  Orange and Rockland Utilities are lending a hand in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  They have and will be sending repair crews to Tampa.  The latest crews left early Sunday morning to head to Tampa along with crews from Con Edison.

Orange and Rockland are doing something else too to help out, they call it mutual assistance.  With today’s technology, customer service representatives can also lend a hand.  15 representatives will be on call, to help Tampa Electric Company.  The O&R customer service representatives will be assisting the Tampa Electric Company’s call center throughout the week.   They will be taking outage and gas emergency calls from customers.  This is the first time in company’s history they have helped in this manner.