The Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are two of the worst we have seen in a long time and many of us still remember how bad it was during Irene.

The Hudson Valley has it's share of extreme weather, but most of us would agree that we don't get hit as bad as other parts of the country. We are pretty lucky that most of the time we don't experience the heartbreak and destruction that happens almost every year down south.


Incredible footage of the flooding in the Village of Highland. Hurricane Irene hit New York State in August of 2011 and the valley got hurt bad. If you remember the flooding was unbelievable. Hudson Valley Magazine recalls how the Catskills really got hurt.

Among the worst hit towns were Windham, Tannersville, Phoenicia, and Margaretville. But it was the tiny town of Prattsville — with just 700 or so residents — that became the national face for the devastation that Irene had wreaked. Homes and businesses alike were completely wiped out.

It took years to rebuild what happened in Prattsville and it's safe to say that the place will never really be the same. My point in all this is that if you are watching storm coverage and you find yourself numb to it, take a moment to remember. We get so much bad news everyday that unless the eye of the storm is on top of us, we become detached.

Remember how bad it was around here 6 years ago and know that it's hundreds of times worse for the victims of Harvey. Unfortunately, I think Irma could even top that. The Government doesn't have unlimited money and those in the storm will need as much aid as we can all give. Please give what you can and be thankful for the safety we have at this moment here in the valley.