An Orange County school is pushing hard to get a traffic light added to the entrance to their school.  The Valley Central School wants to add a traffic light at the high school, where the entrance meets Route 17K.  According to an article in the Times Herald-Record, the district has gotten the green light from the NYSDOT, but the project hasn’t been scheduled.

On top of that, it doesn’t have state funding to be completed, Superintendent John Xanthis told the paper. He said, some 3000 students and staff attend the high school, and it’s a safety hazard.  Between significant traffic, speeding cars and passing cars at students are trying to cross the highway.

It took state Sen. Bill Larkin to push NYSDOT for a second study to be conducted during arrival and dismissal times. That study changed the finding of the first study, and the light was approved. The DOT recently just added pedestrian signs and a crosswalk.

The school doesn’t want to rush the project; their goal is to get it prioritized by the state.