On election night, it wasn’t just the candidates running for offices, one Orange County town was running too.  One the ballot Tuesday night for residents in Monroe, was a proposal to have Kiryas Joel secession from Monroe to create their own town.

According an article in the Times Herald Record, 80 percent of the voters in Monroe supported the formation of a new town, the Town of Palm Tree.  The separation solves a ton of conflicts over Kiryas Joel’s attempts to expand and their disputed representation in the Monroe.

This is the first new town in New York State in 35 years.  The vote was a pretty sure thing, since a deal was struck back in July between Kiryas Joel officials and United Monroe leaders.  Under the terms both sides will drop all their legal battles.  Now the new town of Palm Tree, will consist of what is currently Kiryas Joel, including land it had annexed and an additional 56 more acres.

The new town won’t happen until 2020, unless law makers in Albany enact special legislation January in the beginning of the 2018 session.