Not everybody in the Hudson Valley knows Eggbert, but everybody should. It is truly the area's strangest holiday tradition and that is what makes Eggbert so beautiful.

About 3 years ago and friend of mine from Newburgh asked me if I was taking the kids to see Eggbert. "Huh?" She told me he is legendary. "Legendary?" I asked. "Legendary!" she exclaimed. I was sold.

A talking Egg that sits on a throne in the middle of a huge Christmas display? This is the kind of thing the Bolger family would drive hundreds of miles to see and it was right here in our backyard. We went the next day after learning of the "legend". It was worth every mind boggling moment.


It's an Egg with ears and it talks to you! What does this have to do with Christmas? This Eggbert claims to have an "in" with Santa and children love him, but I was baffled. After walking through the festive Christmas trail we came to Eggbert. He talked to my daughters and they giggled. I laughed out loud!  It was like meeting a cross between the Wizard of Oz and my shop teacher from Middle School!

I had no idea what just happened to us. It was like the Bolger family had been momentarily transported into a Yuletide Bizarro World, but we did have a feeling of inexplicable joy. That is what this season should bring-Joy.  Even if it comes in the form of an 80 pound talking egg.