The Great Hudson River Swim is happening between Newburgh and Beacon this Saturday and this event draws hundreds of every year.

The swim starts over in Newburgh at the Riverfront marina and swimmers battle the current of the river to make it straight across to park in Beacon. I have swam in the river, but never across it. I don't think I am that strong of a swimmer, but this event is to raise money for the River Pool in Beacon.


The River Pool was designed as a place for youngsters to cool off, but also so they would care about keeping the Hudson River clean.  Pete Seeger's legacy and mission will be carried forward by children. What better way to teach them about the Hudson than to have them enjoy it.  According to Hudson Valley One, there is a registration fee for the river swim.

It takes about half hour to a little over an hour to complete, depending on the swimmer. Each swimmer pays a $60 registration fee needs to solicit at least $100 in donations to participate.

There is a chance that Saturday will be a bit rainy, so the rain date is on Sunday. Swimmers dive into the river around 11:30 in Newburgh. If you want to swim, register online before Saturday.