Goat Yoga is just like regular yoga, but you let baby goats climb all over you while you're doing it. Goat Yoga is the hottest new fitness trend. Is it happening here in the Mid Hudson Valley?

This trend of doing yoga with goats is sweeping the country and Goat Yoga classes are popping up all over the place. I recently blogged about walking with Donkeys in the Hudson Valley. I guess there is something to hanging around with animals that brings a sense of ease and fun to people's lives.


So I wanted to know if Goat Yoga was being practiced here in the Mid Hudson Valley. I had seen that there was one event that happened in Warwick a couple of weeks ago. Is there a class at anyplace like Hudson River Yoga here in Poughkeepsie?  So far it doesn't look like they are offering it. There are hundreds of yoga studios in the Hudson Valley, so I'm sure Goat Yoga will be available around here soon.

I found a place up near Oneonta that holds Goat Yoga Classes. It's called the Gilbertsville Farm and they claim to be hosting Upstate New York's first Goat Yoga classes. According to their website, these classes are lots of fun, but the way they describe what the goats do during class doesn't sound fun to me.

jumping on you as you "downward dog", trying to kiss your face and possibly nipping at your yoga pants.

I know that sounds adorable to 99 percent of the people reading this blog. The idea of a farm animal eating my shorts off me while I'm bent over in front of strangers just isn't my idea of a good time. Call me uptight, but you go ahead and enjoy.