It doesn't matter how many years you have been out of school, this time of year always brings a touch of anxiety. Try to remember what it was like on the first day you went to school.

I am a parent of 3 girls and like most of us, my sincere wish is that my girls have an amazing time at school. I hope their year is filled with inspiration and creativity. They should be challenged and not be afraid to ask for help when they need it.

I want them to learn that it's OK to make mistakes, but not alright to give up. I know this is an emotional time for parents who are sending their young ones off to school for the first time. Your babies are growing up. This video that tells why I never made it to my first day of school.


So my parents cut me some slack and I thank them for it. I skipped the first day, but loved stepping on the bus the next day. I think what my parents gave my was some perspective, which gave me the courage any 5 year old needs.

Hudson Valley Parent Magazine has an article about how to help your child succeed in school. Professor of Psychology at Mount Saint Mary College Paul Schwartz, says you have to help your kids know that they own their success.

Let your child know that you expect them to do "their best" so that they'll be proud of what they can accomplish. When an outcome is not as hoped for keep language and thoughts positive.

You want your child to know that they can do it and that their accomplishments are theirs and not something they should do to make you happy. Back to School week is bitter sweet for many parents and if you child is really upset about going for the first time, let them stay home and tell them the story of the boy who cried wolf. They'll be good to go after that.