There is a new trend in Christmas trees that is stranger than any of the ones that have come before it. Will it become popular in our area? 

Remember a few years ago when people were all over the "upside down" Christmas tree? I thought it was an artistic way to display the tree and even though I didn't flip my tree over, it seemed kinda cool. People have been coming up with weird, alternate trees for a long time, but the latest trend leaves me feeling cold.


The New York Post reports that lots of people are going for the Ladder Christmas tree. It seems really lame to me, but art is in the eye of the beholder. This trend has been a big Instagram hit. It just seems like if you are doing this, you have just given up on the holiday.

Some people go with a triangle shaped ladder to evoke the ghost of traditional Christmas trees, while others simply prop any old ladder against a wall and throw baubles at it.

Will this trend become big here in the Hudson Valley? Who knows, but I'm guessing not. Tell us what you think about the Ladder Tree. Do you like it or think it's lame? Leave you comments on our Facebook page.

Instead of setting up a ladder, why not get an awesome artificial tree in Newburgh at Christmas in America. This place is on upper Broadway and it has an incredible selection of some of the most spectacular artificial trees you would ever want to see.

If cutting down your own real tree is more your speed, Hudson Valley Parent Magazine gives you a list of Christmas Tree farms in the Mid Hudson region. Many people will be putting the tree up right after Thanksgiving. I guess some will just prop open a ladder.