So our Jackson, who can be something of a goat for eating things he shouldn't if there is access to them, got to eating something again that...well...he shouldn't have. This was discovered a few nights ago when the house was awoken to the sounds of our poor guy's retching in an attempt to get rid of said something in a couple of different spots including the JG's Bed.

Aside from the obvious concern there was also some C.S.I. type investigative work to be done, especially if there was going to be a need for getting him to the doc. Taking a first look at what he was getting rid of we thought it might have been a part of Jagger's blanket. (For you Yankee fans it's of the Red Sox ilk). We still weren't sure though as we all tried to think of what might have Sox colors that he could have gotten into.

He still ate the next day and was drinking water normally which made us feel better but then, after the eating was finished and he was taken for his evening 'constitutional', the C.S.I. work began...with a the rain.

I discovered shards of plastic, red and blue shards of plastic. I still couldn't figure out what they were though, thinking maybe a pen or something until it struck me in the middle of the night. They were pieces of one or two of the plastic lids that I use to cover cans of cat food when they're not finished. He had to have pulled them out of Jackson magic land...the sink

After talking to the vet the next day they recommended that we monitor him and also feed him some soft rice and chicken to help his digestion. Well this turned out to be doggie nirvana for Jackson and for Brady too as you can imagine. Dinner and breakfast. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh's people food Brady!!...people food Brady!! exciting!!"


Well, Jackson seems to be all better now with nothing alien where it shouldn't be and crisis averted, thankfully.

With a little research too it seems that dogs who eat things they shouldn't, suffer a disorder called Pica. According to the ASPCA This can be a sign that something may be lacking in a dog's diet or, for puppies and young dogs, it's most commonly just plain boredom.

So I'm thinking that pretty much every dog huh?

What about your dogs? What's the worst or weirdest thing they've ever eaten?