Hikers know that the best time of the year is coming up here in the Catskill Region. One favorite hike with a tragic history just got a whole lot safer.

Kaaterskill Falls is a gem of a waterfall in an area that has some really beautiful falls. The hike to Kaaterskill Falls is pretty easy, right off Route 23A on the way to Hunter Mountain. It's a pretty short hike off the road, but the place is not without some danger. There have been seven deaths caused by people falling from the top cliff of this 260 high waterfall.


Spectrum News reports that the DEC has unveiled a number of safety features to make the location a much safer place. They installed a viewing platform at the top of the falls, so you don't have to walk out to the edge to enjoy it. There is also easier access to the pool down below.

"It was slippery, people could fall, and it was hard to navigate that," said DEC Region 4 Director Keith Goertz, "so we put the stone staircase in there to get people where they wanted to go safely."

Kaaterskill Falls is one of those places you just have to see. When the leaves start changing it will get very busy on the weekends. I just hope that people use the new safety features and don't do something risky. The public does have a responsibility for their own safety and these improvements should  put an end to any future tragic deaths at this beautiful place.