A warning about a scam for KeyBank customers.  This particular scam starts with a text message, saying it’s from Key Bank.  The message urges you to call a number about an important notification.  Once you call, an automated message tells you a stop has been placed on your debit card.  After that, it instructs you to enter personal information.

WNYT-TV in Albany, New York, broke the story on this scam.  Several people contacted them saying their received these text messages.  They contacted the bank and Key Bank says it’s a phishing scam.  The bank reminds customers, that if was an issue with your Key Bank account you’d wouldn’t receive a text message or an email.

Key Bank has a fraud hotline setup, at 1-800-433-0124.  Anyone who has fallen victim to the scam or participated by giving out personal information, should call the hotline.  This hotline is for any type of fraud related to Key Bank customers, not just this particular scam.