Kids ages 10-13 are needed to appear in a film being shot here in the Hudson Valley. Extras are needed for the film Twelve. 

Producers need about 100 youth baseball players for various scenes in the movie. They are looking for baseball players ages 10-13 of all different skill levels, sizes, shapes and ethnicities. They are also looking for family, friends and relatives of the players to be extras in the movie.


Filming will be taken place in the Brewster area, possible some other areas in Putnam or Dutchess County. It's scheduled to film between July 24 and Aug. 5. 

Most of the extras will only need to be in one day of filming. Some of the older kids, mostly 12 -13-year-old, might be selected for 3-4 days of shooting.

Auditions will happen on Sunday, June 25, from 4pm to 6pm at Mt. Scolpino Park in Brewster. 

To participate, fill out the form from the website, email the form and mail it to Please include a photo of the player, in uniform. Emails must be in before June 24.

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