It is very rare that I see a movie that affects me so profoundly, I can't stop thinking about it. The movie "The Forgotten Kingdom" is one of the most beautiful, magical and touching movies I have ever seen.....and is indeed a Must See Film!




Mark and I had the honor of speaking with the creative genius behind the film, writer and director Andrew Mudge, who was preparing to come to our area for a series of special screenings.

The film won an unprecedented number of awards at last years Woodstock Film Festival, including, Best Feature, Cinematography and the coveted Audience Award.

If you missed the screenings in our area, you can purchase the DVD of "The Forgotten Kingdom" from the film's website The DVD features a very special bonus, a documentary Andrew made about the making of the film.

While you are watching this magnificent film, keep in mind that only a handful of the roles were played by professional actors. The young boy and the old woman in the hut, amongst many others, were not actors! I loved this film!