My husband thinks this feature should be called "You're Gonna Love This" and maybe it will, because each week I am going to feature things I love that I think you will too...or you might want to at least try.

This week I want to introduce you to a restaurant I love in Kingston called Crazy Bowlz

Crazy Bowlz is not a chain or a franchise, it is the unique and clever invention of an adorable and extremely hard working couple, Jenny and Bing!

The menu at Crazy Bowlz is an amazing mixture of Asian and Mexican dishes with a special flair

Jenny or any of her wonderful employees will walk you through the fascinating menu which features lots of fun choices. Some of my favorites include the Fusion Bowlz: Choice of noodles topped w. Bok Choy, bean sprout, cucumber, scallion, cilantro, and egg. Mixed w. Crazy’s Speciality sauce and you pick a protein from lamb to tofu and everything in between. Another of my favorite menu items is the Mexican tacos and I always get it with grilled shrimp, while my husband loves the teriyaki steak...and don't forget a Bubble delicious!!

Crazy Bowlz now has beer and wine. I love the Raspberry wine, but they also have an interesting Korean wine with a picture of the singer Psy on the front that tastes like a cross between saki and vodka.

Crazy Bowlz is a really unique and delicious restaurant, I've never experienced anything as creative. You can check out their menu at  

Crazy Bowlz is located in The Walmart parking lot in Kingston, 301 Frank Sottile Boulevard.......Enjoy!!!!