This story caught my eye and is a definite feel good for the day.

With the love that all of us have for our animals as more than just pets but as, instead, members of our families we could all give a big hug and hearty high five to an Officer Rafael Burgos for doing something we all wish we would be able to in the same situation.

Save the animals.

So, Kudos of the Day go to Officer Burgos of the Franklin Township Police Department in Franklin, New Jersey as early yesterday he was called to a structure fire at a Pet Store in Franklin. When he and fellow Officer Jeffrey Korger arrived at the building they saw heavy smoke coming from inside. It was here that Officer Burgos became the hero as he went inside the building and proceeded to rescue all of the pets while other officers evacuated the nearby buildings.

All the animals are safe at a local veterinary hospital while Officer Burgos received treatment for smoke inhalation.

Via the New Jersey Herald.